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Vicolo Construction | Custom Home Toronto
Custom Home Toronto | Vicolo Construction
Custom Home Toronto | Vicolo Construction

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Entering into a Toronto custom home build is often misunderstood. Some people believe you need to first find a brawler and then buy the builder (architect) to lay out for land. A better approach, however, is to appoint the country’s most famous custom home builder from the very beginning. Sought after by this expert for assistance on where to locate land promising just the right setting and conditions for you where it will be built. This approach shortens the process at lower cost and more closely meets needs of new owner standardization.

Vicolo Construction is at the forefront for custom home building in Toronto, setting an overall standard of craftsmanship and creativity. To see for yourself just how we transform your unique vision into palatable reality, take a look at our collection of fine concepts. Be sure follow the link provided to our website for a wonderful course in turning your nascent dream into actual brick-and-mortar reality!

Vicolo Construction: Why do we  have an upper edge

Discover Vicolo Construction, renowned as one of the best custom home builders in Toronto, offering unparalleled services in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced team, comprised of elite architects, innovative designers, and skilled builders, is dedicated to crafting exceptional bespoke homes that resonate with your unique essence and exceed your highest expectations.

Vicolo Construction: one of the best custom home builders in Toronto, takes pride in understanding that your home is an extension of your persona. That’s why we engage in a collaborative process with you from start to finish, ensuring your dream home materializes just as you envisioned.

Whether your preference leans towards a modern architectural wonder or a classic abode, our team is equipped with the creativity and proficiency to create a custom dwelling that you and your loved ones will adore for generations.

Reach out to us today to schedule a FREE personalized consultation to start shaping your custom dream home.

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Custom Home Building is an Asset

Navigating the custom home building or new construction arena is essential to secure the perfect lot for your residence. Toronto’s bustling real estate scene is abundant with custom home developments, where spec homes constitute a major component. These are residences constructed by builders or developers on acquired lots, designed to be sold to interested buyers.

In robust real estate environments like Toronto’s, spec home ventures are prevalent, with developers dedicating considerable effort and resources to locate ideal plots. Once a suitable lot is found, developers act quickly to propose deals that align with the seller’s preferences, facilitating a smooth transaction.

Our services streamline the entire process, including securing your building permit in Toronto. Trust us to manage every detail from inception to completion, ensuring a hassle-free journey to your new home.

Luxury Custom Home Toronto

Let’s Craft Your Eco-Friendly Dream Home, a custom Green Home

As Vicolo Construction, we embody green living as a core value in the making of our communities that focus on the health and well-being of its inhabitants. Each detail in our projects is carefully planned to provide sustainable and innovative homes for today’s discerning buyer.

Discover the exceptional competence of Vicolo Construction, a reputable name in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), renowned for quality assurance and value addition within the construction industry. This is because we have consistently provided first class services leading to customer satisfaction. They are known for their professionalism when dealing with clients whom they are dedicated to completing their work as at when due. In line with this, we always communicate openly so that we can involve customers in all stages of renovation project.

Therefore, you can trust us for dependable, experienced, clear ways of doing things to meet your building requirements. Therefore, choose Vicolo Construction so as to enjoy unequaled competency in custom home construction. Call us today so that through our famous artistry your dream house might come true.

Let’s Craft Your Eco-Friendly Dream Home, a custom Green Home

Vicolo Construction embodies green living, integrating it as a core ethos in our approach to building health-focused communities. Our projects are designed with sustainability in mind, catering to the contemporary buyer.

Experience the expertise of Vicolo Construction, a leader in the Toronto and GTA construction sector, known for quality and value. Our team is committed to efficient project completion, emphasizing clear communication and client involvement. Rely on our experienced, transparent approach for all your construction needs. Choose Vicolo Construction for top-notch custom home building. Contact us to transform your dream home into reality.

Tips For Custom Home building in Toronto

As homes age, they require updates and repairs to remain functional and spaces that homeowners can take pride in. Consequently, custom home building is garnering significant attention, with many seeking reputable construction companies or custom home builders in Toronto and its vicinity for their projects. Opting for home customization comes with a myriad of benefits, and here are some key reasons Toronto home builders provide to clients considering personalizing their home designs.

Unique lots or landscapes present specific construction challenges, making professional consultation crucial when selecting your land. Vicolo provides expert land consultation services, helping you secure the perfect lot for your needs. Custom home building offers the flexibility to construct on diverse terrains. With a bespoke design, even issues like building constraints or height restrictions can be adeptly navigated and resolved.

Construction & Custom Home builder in Toronto

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Hiring A Good Homebuilder

If you are thinking of a new home – specially a custom home, you should look for professional care. A good home builder plays an important role in providing the great home of your dreams. Here are some tips that can help you choose a builder.

Qualities Of A Good Custom Home builder Near You, in Toronto

There are high chances, by the time when you’re prepared to pick a custom home builder for your home project, you have put a very long time in planning and thinking thoroughly into this. From staring off into space about precisely what your ideal home resembles to, to respond to the strategic and logistical questions of where you may build this dream home of yours including what it may cost you.

A good custom home builder in Toronto should be able to come on board to counsel some time before ground is broken on your project. This is a chance to get down and discuss and get guidance and practical suggestion or advice at a crucial stage. Having a professional builder who will partner with you can help in ensuring that your home building plan and the architecting stay in sync. Likely above all, they can utilize their numerous long stretches of useful experience to determine potential constructability issues before the designs for your home are finished with the goal that you do not wind up going through a costly update without at the eleventh hour. They are likewise ready to carry interesting plan, and thoughts to the processes and discuss any cost-effective chances and worth designing prospects they see as the plan is made.

At Vicolo, the services offered include everything from architectural planning and designing to construction and interior designing. The Toronto construction company has a team of experts who are trained and experienced in carrying the project in the best way possible. The team of talented and proficient individuals love what they do and are dedicated and passionate about working in the industry. Hence they ensure the project is in the hands that you can trust.

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Need to Know

Many are unaware that home builders typically employ two pricing strategies for constructing new homes: fixed cost and cost-plus. For those new to home building or hiring a builder for the first time, deciding between these two options can be perplexing. We aim to demystify these pricing models, providing you with detailed insights into each, enabling you to make an informed choice for your new home construction.

Luxury Custom Home Toronto
Luxury Home builder near me

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To Summarize

Understanding the significance of engaging a skilled, trustworthy, and proficient custom luxury home builder in Toronto is fundamental, and it’s precisely this understanding that has shaped our team at Vicolo. Each member of our team sees themselves as a champion for homeowners embarking on the journey to create their dream home.

Whether or not you choose Vicolo as your custom home builder in Toronto, we stand firm on the belief that you should have access to comprehensive information to make an informed and fulfilling decision.

We commit to delivering quality and excellence that aligns with the value of your investment. Should you have any inquiries or need further information, our team is always ready to assist you.

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From Sketch to Life

Today, Vicolo has established itself as a multi-disciplinary construction company in Toronto, providing a range of construction and management solutions to meet the local and provincial market’s constantly changing demand.

We are your one-stop construction and management solution provider from general contracting, consultation for land, architectural planning to permit application and interior design.

Custom Home Toronto

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What Can We Offer

Custom Home builder in Toronto

Architectural Planning and Designing

Architectural planning and design play a crucial role in making a structure unique.

Custom Home builder in Toronto

Custom Home Build Services

Once individuals have finished all the inspections and surveys, it’s time to start constructing a new structure.

Custom Home builder in Toronto

Consultation Service for Land

Choosing a random land for construction is not recommended as it can negatively impact the decision.

Custom Home builder in Toronto

Interior Design

Vicolo offers comprehensive interior design solutions in Toronto for valued clients. If you are thinking about a one-stop solution, you have come to the right place.

Green Home Builder

Luxury Custom GREEN Home

Our goal is to offer custom homes that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and expertly crafted with exceptional design.

Custom Home builder in Toronto

Permit Application

Permit application involves services like application and requirement studies, city approvals, and committee adjustments.

Custom Home builder in Toronto


Looking at building your dream home in Toronto

De Vere Gardens

Custom Home builder in Toronto

Yonge Blvd

Get best custom home building services Now!

At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.

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The Core Company Values

We take pride in our client’s base, and it is probably the trust of our clients that has helped us become one of the most favourite construction companies in Canada.

interior sketch95%


3D Modeling90%


2D Planning85%

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