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Architectural Planning Toronto & Home Design Services Toronto

Architectural planning and design play a crucial role in making a structure unique. Vicolo is proud to announce that they have been offering a wide range of architectural planning in Toronto and custom home design services in Toronto for years.

You can avail of architectural planning and home design services house plans for various construction projects. Over the years, Vicolo has earned trust with client-centric services.

As a leading construction company in Toronto, we are fully committed to giving you 100% satisfaction that you cannot get elsewhere.

When it comes to architectural planning and custom home design services, experts have to consider various things such as delivery method, budget, functionality, schedule, infrastructure requirements, environmental footprint and long term sustainability goals. And when you choose Vicolo to get the job done; you won’t have to worry about anything.

As a top-notch construction company in Toronto, we prioritize the need of our valued clients, and we select a group of experts consisting of subcontractors and consultants so that you can get what you want.

Initial strategic planning has helped us become a reputed name in the country for offering satisfactory services. If you need any assistance regarding architectural planning and design, we are here for you.

Survey and Planning

Have you ever think about surveying the land? Well, if you don’t know, let us make it clear for you. Surveying plays a vital role in architectural planning in Toronto, and it is known in various names such as construction stakeout, site layout survey drafting, set out plan drafting and many more.

In general, construction survey drafting is interpreting construction plans and marking the land for new structures. Site layout survey drafting ensures that the project will follow the engineering design plans, and we must tell that it is an important fundamental part of any construction.

As a reputed construction company in Toronto, Vicolo works with a group of engineers who rely on advanced Computer-Aided Design tools to check position, dimension and features of the construction.

For years, Vicolo has been following a customer-centric approach. When you hire us for surveying and planning, you can get the highest accuracy along with quality service without any doubt.

Survey drafting ensures whether the construction work is being followed according to the plan and mistakes can be avoided.

Potential disputes in property can turn out into mishaps, and hence it is crucial to seek a professional survey drafting service. At Vicolo, experts offer survey and planning services, which will undoubtedly end all the hassle of architectural planning.

When you opt for a survey and planning service from Vicolo, our experts will contact you to know your requirements. You can take time to discuss requirements, and once they have an idea about the requirements, they will help you carry out the work as per your needs.

In case of any alternation from the input plan, one can discuss it with the engineers, and they will indeed show the best solutions considering all the needs.

Custom Home Builder in Toronto

Design and Modelling

Apart from offering just survey and planning, Vicolo offers design and modelling services for constructions. The company always prioritizes clients over anything, and it has helped the company emerge as a top-notch construction company in Toronto.

Today, Vicolo has hundreds of clients across the country, and the reason behind the popularity is their approach. Vicolo offers innovative, cost-efficient concept designing, construction drawing and design detailing for valued clients. If you are about to hire a construction company for designing and modelling, you have come to the right place.

Our exceptional track record in conceptualizing designs has won the hearts of the clients, and we can meet all your needs related to designing and modelling.

It’s a must to mention that we work with some of the best engineers and designers in the country to make a difference. We specialize in conceptual design, contract documents, design development, construction detailing and repetitive revisions and redlines.

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