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Custom Home Builder in Toronto

Vicolo is a custom home builder in Toronto that creates outstanding architectural solutions that help you realize your vision and make it a reality. Working with us begins with a one-hour free consultation that can save you thousands of dollars in the end.

We first established our enterprise in Toronto in 2010. Since then we’ve become one of the most respected names in Canada’s ever-increasing and thriving construction industry.

If you’re looking for a custom build in a local or provincial market, our team is diverse. It includes industry leaders including engineers, architects, and planners as well as tradespeople, equipment operators, project managers, and skilled technicians

Architectural Planning and Designing

A Trusted Partner for A Custom Build

We have become one of the most respected luxury build companies in Canada today. Our staff takes great pride in each and every project we work on for our clients. Earning their trust is our number one priority. That’s why we always pay attention to each of their requests. Nothing less than providing 100% satisfactory results is our biggest priority.

A Trusted Partner for A Custom Build

Our mission is to bring our range of services and expertise to every project we work on. It’s important to us to be the leading construction firm in Toronto. Supplying construction management services and the actual construction simultaneously sets us apart. Don’t forget to ask about our building and land solutions that start with site planning and incorporate city permits as well as material and labor management.

Other Services

We also supply a variety of other services that set us apart as a luxury builder. Making each structure we work on unique is a priority. That’s why we include design and architectural planning services. Each of these takes into account scheduling, functionality, your budget, and the delivery method that’s efficient.

We also look after long-term sustainability goals and do our best to lessen any environmental footprint.

A Luxury Builder That’s Different Than The Competition.

We are a custom home builder in Toronto that’s different from the competition. That includes luxury interior design services that will make a difference to the finished product. We are proud to supply that last finishing touch to your custom build. Our professional assistance is designed to help make the interiors of each project more beautiful and striking.

We look after all the details when you are looking for a construction company to handle your custom home in Toronto build.


Studio provides a full range
of 3D interior modeling


Development of perfect design
of the project


We provide 2D planning
for great visualization

Get Incredible Architectural Planning and Designing Right Now!

If you need any help related to architectural planning and designing, you should connect with us.