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What is a Green Home?

[ Green Home Characteristics ]

What do you mean by Green Home and why do you need a Green Home Builder in Toronto?

As people get more and more worried about the environment, many individuals are wondering how they can live better lives while cutting out earth’s pollution. Therefore, one new way to live has been developed: a house–green when you build it from scratch and remodel or expand one already built that is tailor made for energy saving and environmental protection.

Achieve this with an artful custom home builder whose expertise lies in green construction. In most cases, these projects need third-party confirmation that they meet the rigorous green standards. This confirmation process shows not only that everything is done in accordance with established standards but also offers homeowners advice on choosing sustainable materials to construct their homes and techniques which do less harm to nature.

There are a number of organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders which have issued guidelines for green home construction. Houses that achieve certification from those bodies fulfill the requirements for both efficiency and sustainability to an enhanced degree.

With the help of an expert custom home builder and by sticking to the accepted green standards, people can now create living spaces that are healthy, safe and ecologically sound.

[ Home’s Energy Efficiency ]

Green Homes Must Be Energy Efficient

Since the 1970s, energy-efficient housing has changed greatly. At that time, building science principles were starting to be understood. Today’s “green homes” have gone a step further in this direction, emphasizing air sealing as much as insulation to control air movement. For this reason contemporary building codes have introduced airtightness requirements — and scheduled tests to prove compliance. Furthermore, insulation standards have been raised. Now not only must we insulate the internal stud cavities of our walls but also attach an outer layer of rigid insulation.

For those who want to build homes that are even more sustainable, programs such as Passive House and LEED provide frameworks for designing high-performance houses. Such houses often have double-stud walls with abundant insulation to prevent heat loss. And they aim for energy usage that is “net-zero”: this means not importing any net energy. For this, mechanical ventilation to control the quality of indoor air and solar panels to produce electricity are often necessary.

Energy-efficient appliances for heating, air conditioning and water heater are essential if homes are to use a minimum of power.

While it is easier to incorporate energy efficiency into new construction, home owners can also change their behaviour and make changes to existing homes by improving insulation, stopping up openings and putting in solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are various government programs which provide energy loans to help homeowners pay for their green home upgrades. With the help of a customized home builder and these financial incentives, home owners are able to make an environmentally-sensitive, kite efficient design that is affordable on budget.

Green Homes Must Be Energy Efficient


Our Mandate in Green Home Projects

At Vicolo, we emphasize a team-oriented approach in our planning process, working closely with our clients, architects, designers, and the Greening Homes Team. This collaboration ensures a streamlined and budget-friendly construction process, leveraging synergies to develop designs that perfectly match our clients’ vision and financial plans.





[ Green Home Benefits ]

Everything You Need to Know About Green Home

Custom Home Builders’ Guide to the Benefits of Green Housing

One of the significant long-term benefits of green homes is cost-efficient energy savings over time, so insulating your house and installing energy-efficient lighting etc. rate high among necessities. Houses with green features like green roofs can qualify for LEED certification, as well as receive allowances from the federal and state taxes. Green roofs also play an ecological role in that they absorb and filter rainwater.

But there are still some extra benefits for such homes:

Better Air Quality and Natural Ventilation: Green homes stress natural airflow via breathable construction materials and energy-efficient fans. Such a design not only gives all house occupants healthier indoor air but also brings forth the reduction of high artificial cooling or heating needs.

Easy Operations: Although green homes may have a slightly higher initial expense than a typical hovel alternative, they really pay off in the times ahead from a reduction of operational costs. Energy-efficient designs render smaller and more economical HVAC systems possible, which will cut down on both overall building expenses and energy bills anywhere you look.

Lower Energy Use: Green homes mean fewer Neroche gas emissions and less energy used at the same time. Since the average American family spends approximately $2,000 yearly for energy costs, energy efficiency work on an abode can save real money!

Greater Durability: Made from solid, dependable materials, green homes are generally longer lasting than traditional family dwellings constructed of concrete, plywood and steel. Economizing this way means an even longer useful life gets squeezed out of these buildings.

More In Demand: As energy costs spiral upwards green homes continue to hold market appeal, sporting increased resale value for a purchaser who plans to carry out energy efficient alterations on his new purchase as “sacrifice” to that cause.

Risk-free Indoor Air Quality: Modern techniques and materials in green homes ensure that the air you breathe is fresh. Ventilation systems also help to keep this pollution free from pollutants like dirt or pollen.

Efficient Use of Material: Eco homes work on reducing the amount of production waste and making better use of what is available. Their impact on the environment is also minimized because lesser amounts get tossed into landfills this way during construction operations.

Optimal Indoor Climate: By the smart choice of sustainable and recycled materials, green homes can better regulate temperature. One result is that they keep indoor climates stable from one end to the next while not allowing unnecessary outflows of energy.

In sum, these multiple benefits combine to make green homes an attractive choice for both those who commission them and those who will live in them.

Benefits of Green Homes

Facing the increasing influence of global warming human civilization is also suffering from a dwindling supply of natural resources. So it must turn away from traditional properties that cause heavy carbon jongen emissions. Homes that are built to be green, which may include sustainable building practices, help in saving energy.

Building green homes offers custom home builders an opportunity to make service fees for sustainable houses and energy-efficient structures more competitive. Government programs that provide home energy loans help these building contractors to finance their projects, offering opportunities for them as well as their clients. This is done with great ease on the condition that the purchaser is prepared to pay an additional $1 000 or so for a specially insulated door and window package!

[ Think Green ]

Your preferred green home builder

Searching for a top-tier custom home builder in Toronto who can exceed your expectations and deliver unparalleled quality? Vicolo Construction is your perfect match! Our luxury custom home building services cater to the modern buyer, offering innovative living solutions that not only meet but elevate community standards.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, specializing in crafting exquisite green homes that fulfill your requirements while minimizing ecological impact. From the conception of your design to the execution of the final details, our skilled team collaborates closely with you to ensure every aspect of your custom home meets the highest standards of quality and elegance.

No matter if you desire a contemporary, sleek home or a classic, traditional style, our experienced professionals are equipped to transform your vision into reality. Reach out to us today to explore our luxury custom home building offerings in Toronto and take the first step towards creating your dream home with Vicolo Construction!

Eco-construction for healthy living.

At Vicolo Construction, green living is not just a buzzword but a guiding principle in developing and constructing communities that prioritize the health and well-being of residents. Each feature is carefully considered to ensure a sustainable and innovative living solution for modern buyers.