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Getting a City of Toronto Building Permit Application

Construction is one of the most challenging tasks, and the entire process of construction involves several steps. If you think construction only involves consultation, surveying, planning, designing, and reviewing for approvals, there is more to it.

As a leading construction company in Toronto, Vicolo has always prioritized the need of the people. To make construction completely hassle-free Vicolo, it has started offering building permit applications in Toronto for the valued customers.

Toronto building permit application involves services like application and requirement studies, city approvals, and committee adjustments. It does not matter how small your property, permit application remains one of the most critical parts of the construction project.

Hence, it is better to hire professionals, which can help you stay away from complicated procedures. As a reputed construction company in Toronto, Vicolo can help you meet Canada’s local building code. If you are thinking to hire expert professionals, you should take a look at our services.

Permit Application

Vicolo’s Offerings

As a top-notch construction service provider, Vicolo will employ expert professionals to check records of the procedures thoroughly. Whether you invest in residential construction or commercial ones, you must abide by quality control index, building regulations, safety measures, professionals certification requirements, liability, and insurance regimes to ensure new construction has been done according to the rules.

Construction regulations must follow, no matter where you live in Canada, and each individual, living in the country, has to follow the rules. Since the beginning of the journey, Vicolo has always tried to offer the highest convenience to the individuals, and now clients can get rid of construction permitting, just by hiring us for the same. As mentioned before, we only work with expert professionals, and you won’t have to worry about quality work when you hire Vicolo for the same. If you have little or no idea about the procedure, let’s take a look to understand it better. Call us today for city of Toronto building permit service.

Application and Requirement Studies

Application and Requirement Studies

You may have an idea that individuals need a permit for construction ahead of finalizing a project. You need to seek permission from local jurisdiction, and notice must be issued before starting the work. Unless you have sound knowledge regarding planning permission procedures, it may seem a very complicated process. To make it hassle-free for the clients, We are experienced, and we can assist in application and requirement studies on behalf of our clients.

Toronto building permits are subject to building codes, and it is necessary to plan checked, ahead of seeking approval from the concerned department. Failing to meet the building code requirements can lead to penalties or fine, or even demolition of property, and hence one should not take it lightly. Suppose you are thinking about the relevance of the permit. In that case, we must tell this is one of the most important things to consider for homeowners. It is always better to hire expert professionals who have sound knowledge regarding avoiding all the hassle.

Where Building Permit Is Necessary?

Getting approval starts from the application, and our experts will check everything accordingly to find out what is needed to avail the approval.

If you are a first-timer, we must tell you any construction in Toronto requires permission. It applies to construction or alteration of freestanding structure over 108 sq. ft be it a deck, porch, carports, new fireplace, sunrooms, attached or detached garages, furnace replacements, dormers, basement, solar panels, swimming pools, removal of the wall, sprinklers, structural alteration of doors or windows, etc.

By Hiring an expert from Vicolo, individuals are likely to get rid of the hassle of getting permission. They will conduct a requirement study and apply on behalf of the clients.

Unless you haven’t done this before, it may seem like an arduous task, however as a leading construction company in Toronto, we have helped hundreds of individuals get the permit, and we can also do it for you.

Requirements studies involve collecting relevant data about the construction project, and it may take a few days, depending on the size of the project.

Make sure to think about it, and get in touch with us if you want us to handle application and requirement studies.

city approvals

City Approvals

In most cases, property owners are not aware of the steps and procedures needed to follow to get city approval and deal with the committee adjustment. One needs city approvals and the approval number from the committee adjustment department. Section 53 of the planning act provides the right to make decisions on a construction project.

The Committee of Adjustment consists of 35 members, and they hold public hearings daily for permission. One must follow the application requirements to avail the permission, and we can help to do the same on behalf of our clients.

As a leading construction company in Toronto, Vicolo has never failed to meet the clients’ expectations. We can help people assist in virtual public hearings to make the process smoother.

There are three different procedures for participation in virtual public hearings: written submission via email, Webex meeting, and YouTube. If you hire Vicolo for city approvals, our experts will find the City Planning Application Information Centre for all your needs related to application and status updates.

What We Do?

  • We employ expert professionals to handle the process of permits and approval.
  • We conduct the required studies and gather necessary documents for the process
  • Once the documents are collected, experts help in writing the application behalf of clients
  • Our experts also help in the submission of the application
  • Lastly, we help to track the status and help in getting the city approvals from the concerned departments

Best Value

In many cases, people complain about the increased land price and availing a professional consultation service can put an end to the problem forever.

You must know that we are here to help our valued clients, and if you need any assistance for the disposal or acquisition of land/assets, we are here to help get at the best value.

Benefits of Hiring Vicolo

  • Get rid of the hassle of permit approval
  • 24×7 support from the experts
  • You won’t have to do anything except for paying for the service

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