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Looking for Professional Custom Home Builder in Toronto?

Vicolo is a distinguished custom home builder based in Toronto, dedicated to crafting extraordinary architectural designs that bring your unique visions to life. Our relationship with clients begins with a complimentary one-hour consultation that could ultimately save you significant costs down the line.

Founded in 2010, Vicolo has quickly risen to prominence within Canada’s dynamic and growing construction industry, earning a reputation as a trusted name in luxury custom home building.

Whether you’re seeking a luxury custom home locally or in the broader provincial market, our team is exceptionally diverse and skilled. It includes industry-leading engineers, architects, planners, tradespeople, equipment operators, project managers, and skilled technicians.

Our dedicated team of engineers, designers, architects, and project managers is committed to a collaborative approach, ensuring the delivery of your bespoke luxury home within a prompt timeframe. At Vicolo, we never compromise on quality; we believe in balancing swift construction with meticulous craftsmanship. As a leading custom home design company, we serve clients across various financial spectrums, working within your budget to maximize the value of your investment. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure your dream home is not only realized but surpasses your highest expectations.

Custom Home Builder in Toronto

Your Trusted Partner in Custom Home Building

Vicolo Construction is renowned as one of the luxury custom home builders, in Canada known for its commitment to delivering projects. Our team works diligently to build trust with our clients by addressing their requirements and ensuring they are fully satisfied.

As you begin the process of choosing a custom home builder we at Vicolo Construction look forward to being part of this milestone, in your life.

Choosing the right builder is crucial, and we understand the importance of partnering with someone you can trust to realize your vision. With numerous builders in Toronto, it can be challenging to find the perfect match for your unique requirements. Building a custom home is not just a purchase—it’s a long-term commitment that involves a substantial investment of both time and resources. At Vicolo Construction, we excel in delivering superior craftsmanship and nurturing valuable relationships with our clients. Allow us to be your trusted partner in crafting the luxury custom home you’ve always dreamed of.

Leading the Way in Luxury Home Construction

As we strive to be the leading construction company in Toronto, our aim is leveraging our extensive range of services and knowledge on every project. We are a differentiator in the market with a combination of construction management as well as actual building services that we provide. Do not forget to ask about our comprehensive building and land solutions featuring site planning, city permits navigation, materials handling and labour control.

We understand how important it is for you to have the freedom to change your mind during the construction process hence we prioritize open transparent communication system all through. Vicolo Construction prides itself on its reliability, trustworthiness and extensive industry experience To cater for all your construction needs, we adopt an open and accountable approach that ensures precision and care bring your vision into reality.

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Additional Services at Vicolo Construction

At Vicolo Construction, we offer a suite of services that distinguishes us as a premier luxury builder. One of our primary objectives is to ensure that each structure we create stands out. To achieve this, we incorporate comprehensive design and architectural planning services that consider scheduling, functionality, budget, and efficient delivery methods.

We are committed to sustainability, actively working to minimize our environmental impact during construction.

Safety is paramount in all our operations. We’ve invested in advanced technology and equipment to ensure the safety of both our team and clients. Our contractors are equipped with the necessary safety gear, and we utilize elevators for transporting heavy materials efficiently. We aim to complete all construction activities within standard working hours and take responsibility for debris removal post-construction to prevent any exposure to hazardous materials.

How Vicolo Stands Apart

Vicolo Construction differentiates itself in the Toronto market by offering luxurious interior design services that elevate the final aesthetics of your custom home. We pride ourselves on providing that essential finishing touch, enhancing the beauty and appeal of each project’s interiors.

When you choose Vicolo Construction for your custom home project in Toronto, you’re opting for a builder that attends to every detail, from the initial planning to the final execution.

Vicolo Construction is a well-regarded firm in the custom home building industry, serving an exclusive clientele in Toronto and the broader GTA. Our long-standing industry presence has earned us a reputation for a unique and dedicated approach to home building.

As a leading custom home builder, we do more than just construct homes. We guide you through every phase of the process, including compliance with bylaws, zoning requirements, and land coverage regulations, to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience. Reach out to Vicolo Construction, and let us handle everything from start to finish.


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